Juan Diablo - Vocals
Joe "Demolition" L˙nch - Guitar
Jason Michael L˙nch - Guitar
Jack Cilantro - Bass
Elektro Thrash - Drums


Jason and Juan met each other in the 1990's in Rikers Island. Many years later after being long out of there on one rainy day, Juan and Jason were in Jason's garage drinking Shlitz and listening to Boston when they both agreed that they wanted to do something better with their lives than fucking prostitutes, not paying them, and getting into fights with their pimps, and so they decided that they wanted to start a rock 'n' roll band. Immediately after this awakening Jason started taking guitar lessons and Juan started taking singing lessons. Soon enough they sounded tolerable enough and so they then stole a bunch of equipment from other bands, found other band members (on craigslist, at AA meetings, etc), and began practicing. The band can be mostly found performing in dive bars and abandoned buildings across New Jersey, Boston, NYC, etc. They play mostly originals, as well as some covers by Judas Priest, G.G. Allin, and other artists.


"The Gimmick" LP